RTW Flights

RTW FLIGHTS A RTW ticket can be cheaper than a long range return ticket. Even for those who prefer surface trips, flying is usually the only realistic and affordable option [...]
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Finding maps locally is hit or miss, with little rhyme or reason as to how useful or effective they will be. I recommend bringing with you whatever maps you think are [...]
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One thing that travellers often forget to mentally prepare for, is the different concept of time and space on the road. With buses that don’t leave until they’re full, boats [...]
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Some transoceanic cargo ships have cabins for a few passengers in addition to those for their crew. Cargo ships charge less than cruise ships, but they aren’t cheap – around [...]
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On the Road

Over landing is usually the cheapest way to travel. And anything can happen …and usually does! Road travel has a seductive appeal: get on the road and you can go anywhere. [...]
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You can hop on a freighter across the ocean, then buy a car, or maybe a motorcycle, travel and then trade it in for a plane ticket when you are ready to move on. You can work [...]
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